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When to book your wedding photographer in Toulouse?

Of course the sooner is always the better because it gives you more choice among providers and time to make up your mind and get to know your wedding photographer a little bit. But there is no obligation to contact me a year before, if by chance I am available in 15 days, I will be there!

What is the price of a wedding photographer in Toulouse?

Prices vary a lot from one wedding photographer to another and it's normal to feel a bit lost.

You should know that aprofessional wedding photographer, of which it is the main activity and providing quality work, will generally take at least 1200€ for the day.

As far as I'm concerned, the wedding report on the day of preparations for the reception is at 1500€. It is also possible to extend the service until the opening of the ball, for example. I also offer other services such as the engagement session, "trash the dress" session, EVJF / EVG, presence at brunch the next day, professional photo album... everything is possible!

How many photos does a wedding report include?

It depends on a lot of things, in particular the duration of my presence, the number of guests, any events... Generally it's between300 and 600 wedding photos, all of which will be checked and tweaked one by one.

Do you take wedding photos only in Toulouse?

No of course, I do a lot ofwedding photography in Toulouse,as well asCahorsbut I move everywhere according to your needs, I like to discover new places,in France andabroad!

How to choose your wedding photographer?

Ah the big question, there are so many! Start of course by looking at his work, his website, you must first like his images and his style! Do not hesitate to ask him all the questions you want and to meet him if possible. And above all, once you have all the important information, trust your feelings! It is very important to feel a certain complicity with your wedding photographer. He is the only service provider who will be close to you all day long, it is essential to feel good in his presence and to trust him.

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