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Destination wedding photographer

Have you ever thought about getting married abroad,
or even take a wedding photographer with you on your honeymoon trip?

Put me into your luggage!


I have always been in love with travel and discovery, they were my first source of inspiration as a photographer.

élopement, photographie mariage à l'étranger
The most beautiful thing in the world is, of course, the world itself

–Wallace Stevens

Photographe mariage à l'étranger elopement

Destination wedding photographer

Destination weding, or “elopment”, this is what you have chosen for your big day because you want something different.

You want to immerse yourself in another culture, admire other landscapes, live a unique experience and share your sense of adventure with your guests, or just as a couple...

You want a wedding photographer you can trust, who can help you stay calm, laugh and enjoy every second, and of course capture everything of those unique moments. 

A villa in Tuscany, a beach in Thailand, a rooftop in Lisbon, the fjords of Norway… I follow you !

Photos mariage Anne & Benjamin
Photos mariage au bord de la mer
Photos mariage Julie & Amélie


Your honeymoon is a trip like no other.
Have you ever found yourself with this dilemma : being in a wonderful moment, and wanting to fully enjoy it without distraction, but also wanting to keep a memory of it by taking a picture? And the worst part is that when you take the picture, it doesn't do justice to what you see at all...

And now imagine, going on honeymoon with the love of your life, and just having to enjoy, knowing that you will have wonderful memories without having to think about, it thanks to your photographer. The luxury of savoring the moment, no selfie at arm's length, or a stranger who kindly takes a picture of you but with his finger in front! 

This trip of a lifetime deserves its report.

Photos mariage à l'étranger elopement
Photos mariage à l'étranger elopement
  • Why Hire a Wedding Photographer?
    It is important to hire a professional wedding photographer for several reasons! First of all, professional simply means declared, and that is very important, because it means that you will have a contract that will guarantee you the service. In addition, you will have already an idea of your photographer's style with his website for example, so you know what to expect in terms of images and style. It’s inevitably tempting to call on a relative “who knows about it” when you have a very small budget, and that can go very well. But it's risky, this person will not necessarily have the right equipment, adapted to all the situations that can be encountered in a wedding (in particular indoor ceremonies with little light but no flash allowed), nor the right attitude and adapting to a quick change of situation. They will only have one camera, while a good professional always has at least two in case of equipment failure or breakage. And finally, being responsible for the photos means not enjoying all those good times with you. All this is to be taken into consideration!
  • What is your approach to wedding photography?
    As a wedding photographer, in my opinion, I am not a service provider like the others! Indeed I have the chance to be close to you throughout the day, generally from the getting ready, which are intimate and unique moments, with only people who are very close to you. I invest myself a lot personally, I meet you at least once (when possible, sometimes you are far away, so we talk in video), I need us to get along well, it is essential! In terms of style, I have a fairly natural style, I like to blend into the background when you don't need me and capture moments as they come, and when I have to I know how to get them! But of course I will also be able to guide you, especially during the couple session, which is often a bit stressful for you, but it always goes really well, because it comes back to an essential condition that I was talking about : our complicity!
  • Retouched photos, what does that mean?
    Don't be afraid of the term "retouching", indeed in wedding photography it means above all the treatment of brightness and color, according to the style of each photographer. It is not a question of modifying the silhouettes or the faces! On the other hand, if a mean spot has decided to bother you right that day, I will know how to make it disappear !
  • How many photos will we receive?
    It depends on a lot of things, including how long I'm there and what's going on during the day. Generally I deliver between 250 and 450 photos, but I don't give myself a limit. If I think a photo is good enough to give it to you, you will get it! Don't worry, that's more than enough. As a wedding photographer, it is also my job to cull the photos in order to deliver only the best to you, and not piles of useless duplicates.
  • How do you deliver the photos?
    First, on an online photo gallery, accessible by password that you can send to your guests so that they can download the photos, free of charge. I also include in my packages a nice little wooden box with a USB key containing the photos, the box and the key are engraved with your first names and the date of the wedding.
  • What other services do you offer?
    Apart from the wedding coverage itself, I also offer couple sessions, which can take several forms, such as engagement sessions. This is a romantic photo shoot done before the wedding. The opportunity to offer you a good time together and getting used to the camera. Photos are often used for Save The Dates for example. Or a “trash the dress” session, after the wedding, the opportunity to put on your beautiful wedding clothes and take all the time you want out of the frenzy of D-Day! (and you don't have to really trash your dress !) And also, bachelorette and bachelor parties !
  • How far do you travel?
    I live near Cahors and travel most often to the Lot, Dordogne, and neighboring departments as well as Toulouse. But I have no geographical limit, I enjoy discovering new places, in France and abroad! Travel expenses are generally included within a radius of 50km around my home.
  • What countries do you travel to?
    Everywhere! I already know Mexico, Thailand, Finnish Lapland, Paris, Prague, Amsterdam, Lisbon, Vienna, Italy (Venice, Rome, Tuscany, Lake Maggiore)… What will be the next destination?
  • Why not hire a local photographer instead?
    That is of course possible. But leaving with me has significant advantages: we speak the same language and have the same or similar culture, which greatly facilitates our exchanges and our complicity. I speak perfect French and English, which could be useful on site if it is not your strong suit. In terms of aesthetics, depending on the region of the world and the culture, it is not always easy to find a photographer who has the style you are looking for. Finally, for purely contractual reasons, it is safer for you to have a service provider that is geographically close and subject to French law.
  • How does it go once in the destination?
    There are many options depending on your event and what you want. In the case of a wedding, just like in France, I cover the day, or even more according to your request. Of course I arrive at least the day before. In the case of a trip or honeymoon, I can be there during all your stay if you have plenty of things planned. I can also stay only a few days at the beginning if you choose for example to stay in the same hotel on the beach and do nothing but relax ! Everything is possible
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